“Dara has been our controller for over 10 years. We appreciate her ability to make complicated issues achievable and we love the step by step plan she lays out for our company to follow. We use her insight to help us navigate our industry and appreciate her care and concern for the profitability of our company. We don’t want to share her with anyone so don’t call her!”

Azam Qureshi-co-founder and President of Intradyn
Adnan Olia-Co-Founder and COO of Intradyn

“Dara and Jade Business Solutions has helped me with my accounting and business strategies for 10+ years. She helps me work through my Quickbooks issues, has hooked me up with a great CPA for my taxes, and I rely on her advise and strategies for my business. I highly recommend Dara and any and all of her business solutions and services.”

Heather McCready, Founder and President of New Generation Drywall, Inc.